Album: Sean Trelford – Care Home Party

You’ve most probably never heard about Sean Trelford before this morning but it’s all fine, this is way we’re happy to run a record label for. The story is not new: a 14 y/o teenager from Cambridge (who started to learn the piano and the guitar at a very early age) experienced a heartbreak and a lockdown in 2020. He heavily recorded in his room and the result is ‘Care Home Party’, a 9 track album that we’re happy to co-release with Field Mates Records out on November 18th. Exploring timeless indie rock and lo-fi bedroom pop, Sean Trelford sings his disillusions in a touching way, where heavy outbursts (Lonely, Lonely) alternate with piano daydream (Happy Go Lucky) or bright indie pop (Dearest One).

Another great release on my favorite Hidden Bay Records co-released with a french label Field Mates Records. To be honest, I have never been disappointed with releases from Hidden Bay Records. Always some great version of indie rock/pop. If the story is true, Sean is very talented, because this album is a really nice craft. I have been enjoying the guitars quite a lot in these songs. Everything is pretty straightforward and very pleasing. It creates such a beautiful atmosphere. Just try it for yourself…

Do not forget to grab a beautiful tape.