Album: Rush to Relax – Misli

jangle/indie pop from Slovenia

This is a co-release of Hidden Bay Records, Look Back And Laugh and Pop Depresija.

I admit this might be the first time I am sharing a band from Slovenia (not Slovakia!). It feels extraordinary. Especially since this album was also released by my favorite french label Hidden Bay Records.

“Three years after the eponymous debut album, Rush to Relax is back with a new full-length release that carries the DIY rock’n’roll project’s most diverse work to date. On his latest record, Damjan Manevski, a Macedonian based in Ljubljana, pushes further ahead and demonstrates his natural development as a musician and even more so as a songwriter in the spirit of the distinctively sincere Macedonian music tradition.”

You can read the full story on Bandcamp page. A good reading.

The album is really cool and I feel so proud that even in Europe we can offer great jangle pop. Also, the story of the band got me really interested. Also not speaking about the fact that because of this band I have discovered two more labels that were collaborating on this release. This is something I am admiring very much. I think people should work together more and more. I personally was terrible at doing co-released but this release proves it is worth it.

Either way, I will spend some time listening to this Slovenian gem and just have a blast with it.

Do not forget to grab a vinyl record and support labels and the band.

You can find more music on artist’s Bandcamp.