Album: Reagon Karki – Take Me Back To Kathmandu

“Born and raised “Kathmandude”, Reagon Karki has been living an expat life since 2006. His love and passion for music started way back when requesting songs on FM stations was a thing and people bought albums on cassette tapes. He is a self-taught guitarist and started writing/composing songs over the years. So far he has released two albums and continues to contribute to Nepalese music scene and Lo-fi genre.”

How many Nepalese lo-fi beats do you know? How about one? You can say that now. You have to check out this great album full of homemade lo-fi beats. It is another chill music when you need something just to create a nice atmosphere to block out the surroundings and feel good. Maybe you heard many tracks like these, but I still think these can be special for you. Just try to discover their different vibes and melodies from the first track to the last. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I am right now.

I really enjoy the usage of guitars in connection with the lo-fi beats. They create a nice synergy. Especially the track Feels good to be back is amazing.

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