Album: LilaTesla – Jasmine Romance ♪​✿​◕​‿​◕​✿​♪

I have met recently Markéta aka LilaTesla at my friend’s party in Prague and I am happily sharing this album with you.

“♪ ♡ #ambientlovesongs with #distortion

A monochromatic dream of an alchemist’s laboratory, a potion maker as a dj mixes passion. Bottles full of sedatives, smelling of jasmine and love. Love is emotion, love is the delicate line between dream and life. I run night and morning, I dance at parties and I can’t stop shimmying.
I believe in the new energy of the new moon.

♪ Little songs sound and make me happy ♪

Made with love, Made by ruling passion.
Released on new moon.
EP full pack of magic.”

Ambient, experimental music is not often found on this blog, but I still think this album deserves your ears. I always consider Czech music as local music, so it makes me so happy when I can present you something from this part of the world. Listening to this EP is like traveling through hyperspace and seeing all the different colors and blurry shapes. I especially enjoyed the tracks Gothic For(r)est and Lovesong. So happy for Markéta and excited to hear more music from her in the future. She is very talented.

You can follow the artist on Bandcamp or get cassettes through Instagram.