Album: Julie Arsenault – The Creature That I Call Myself (Extended Edition)

For years Julie Arsenault has been one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. In 2014 the Toronto-based singer-songwriter self-released “The Creature That I Call Myself”, an album full of heart-wrenching tales of loss and suffering hidden under the catchiest of pop melodies. Released on Bandcamp only and without any fancy marketing campaigns, the album soon became a cult hit. Six years later, the Barcelona based label Son Canciones gives this hidden masterpiece a second life with a worldwide extended re-release, adding four powerful tracks to the original album.

“The Creature That I Call Myself” is the first album of “Whisper & Shimmer”, a new series of releases of albums that have been unjustly forgotten. Songs that were somehow left behind, but that are too powerful to disappear. We’ll give them a second life. We’ll blow off the dust, and try to get the world to see how bright these gems really are.

A true gem hidden in Canadian forests & rivers. Just stop for a while, put headphones on and just listen.

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