Album: Eri Nagami -ど​ち​ら​か​と​い​う​と​そ​う​思​う (Moderately agree)

“Eri Nagami born and raised in Aichi pref., Japan. She started songwriting when she happened to join a band club at university, without any abilities of musical instruments. In 2015, a few years after graduation, she finally began teaching herself how to play the guitar. Her voice sounds cheerful and vulnerable at the same time, while she uses optimistic lyrics for melancholic melodies and sad lyrics for buoyant melodies. Her style is influenced by singers and bands such as Fiona Apple, Elliott Smith, Weezer, Souichi Futaba, and Wataru Takada. She is a huge fan of Hikaru Utada.”

I do not speak Japanese, so discovering Japanese music is hard. I am thankful for labels like Galaxy Train which are, besides releasing international artists, giving space to domestic artists. In this case Japanese artists. This one is just Eri making beautiful, gentle acoustic pop. I wish I had understood something from the lyrics, but I have been enjoying the track either way. Maybe there are some folks, who will understand some of it. Either way, this artist and definitely work checking out.

Do not forget to grab a cassette.