Video: Joseph Futak – Garden

I know Joseph’s music mainly thanks to our Summer 2020 compilation on which he was featured. Additionally, he is being released on my favorite UK-based label Fox Food Records what says a lot on its own. So excited to listen to this release in full this Friday. I did not hesitate and pre-ordered the cassette already. I do not want to miss out on them. And btw, the video is just great.

This short description sums up the song just perfectly:

A heart-wrenching anthem, Joseph Futak’s ‘Garden’ is an ode to unflinching, heart-on-your-sleeve honest emotional expression; presented with a subtle trademark dry humour twist.

Taking influence from the work of Silver Jews’ David Berman and the band Low, the song started out as a piano ballad before being reworked into a stomping slowcore tune that builds from a whisper to a cathartic fury, unleashing scrapes of feedback guitar crashing against a wall of euphoric brass.

Also if you enjoy this artist, you might be into an old Z Tapes release – Ashland by EP.

You can pre-order the album on Fox Food Records’ Bandcamp.