Singles: Folded Kite – White Noise & Wherever the Wind Blows

“This is one of our first 2 songs released that feature the band in full collaboration. The previous EP was created only by our frontman. This represents an evolution in our sound after the band was formed. We also wanted to use a hi-fi method of production, again contrasting with our previous EP, which had a lo-fi approach. This was all recorded and produced DIY.”

Indie quartet featuring Martin Chapman on vocals/guitar/mandolin, Gabe Rangel on bass, Nathan Ramirez on guitar/backing vocals, and Leo Barba on drums.

These two tracks are a blend of indie folk with math rock and psychedelic rock. A slightly softer, dreamier approach in the first track is switched to a more upbeat version of the second single with shoegaze sprinkles. Together they are creating a nice balance and work as well as double-single release. I am really enjoying this release and I am looking forward to what next this Los Angeles-based band will bring.

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