Singles: Conor Lynch – Slow Country & Hill

“Slow Country (out 28th February) is the title track and lead single from Michigan mid-fi artist Conor Lynch’s forthcoming full length album, which releases 29th March via Devil Town Tapes on limited edition cassette and digitally. The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Will Spurrier. Filmed in one single long drone shot at the abandoned Fisher Body Plant in Detroit, the video sees the rural surroundings slowly give way to reveal the snaking highway and looming city skyline.

Conor Lynch’s musical output has long been a solitary endeavour. By his own admission, previous releases have seen him do “pretty much everything”, turning his hand to multiple instruments while also assuming recording and production duties. Coming three years after his last album, Fake, Slow Country sees Lynch slowing down and fully embracing the spirit of collaboration.

While the first ideas for this collection of songs date all the way back to 2017, Slow Country really started taking shape in the winter of 2021. After starting a job working at Detroit’s St Andrew’s Hall, Lynch met friend Ryan McDonald, who would quickly become a key part of the album’s creation. Recording began in earnest during this time, with the pair tracking the backbone of the record together onto cassette tape. In addition to engineering the album, McDonald contributed production elements and instrumentation, most notably all the pedal steel and saxophone parts that weave throughout the album’s 12 tracks, alongside an extensive roster of guest musicians.

Slow Country showcases some of Lynch’s most thoughtful songwriting and considered arrangements to date. With recording sessions punctuated by months-long gaps, the album had plenty of time to gestate and grow, with Lynch noting that “nothing was rushed or glossed over”. This sense of spaciousness extends through to reflective lyrical themes, many of which came about on trips back and forth between Traverse City and East Lansing, taking in the farmland and woods at the heart of Michigan.”

I stumbled upon Conor Lynch thanks to my favorite record label, Devil Town Tapes. His latest album is set to be released later this month, and I’ve already had the pleasure of listening to two of its new singles. Conor’s music is a delightful blend of folky indie and bedroom rock, with an added touch of alt-country vibes.

Whenever I listen to his music, I feel like I’m being transported to a serene countryside, where a calm river is flowing slowly. It’s a peaceful and pleasant experience. I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of his new album, and I plan to share it on our website as well. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out these two new singles and let them take you on a journey.

Do not forget to pre-order a cassette (I did!).

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