Single: Well Well Well – Invisible World

“Invisible World” is the newest single by Well Well Well from their upcoming album “Palm Springs – Demos & Deep Cuts”. The upcoming album features demos and outtakes from 2022’s “Palm Springs”, produced by and featuring Toro Y Moi collaborators The Mattson 2. The band is touring the US West Coast in support of the release and the label is undertaking a worldwide publicity campaign to promote. Thanks for listening!

This message accompanies the submission of this song I received from my new favorite label Royal Oakie, which is also releasing the new Half Stack album, which I am looking forward to. I have also enjoyed this band from San Diego, CA making a postmodern pop. This is just a new single from the new album with demos from their previous album, which I recommend to check out. I am enjoying their fresh, playful approach to indie pop making for poppy, but definitely more accessible to a wider audience. I am quite enjoying the old album and I am looking forward to the new album full of high-quality demos. I always love it when bands are posting on their Bandcamp page demos as well. It feels like they are sharing a little bit more from the kitchen, and, to be honest, we all want to see that.

Thank you, Oakie and WWW for bringing this to us.

The album is out final and you can order it here.

You can follow the band here: