Single: Vacant Days – All in All

“Vacant Days is a musical collective fronted by Azka Gilang (guitar), Hafidz Naufal (bass, vocals), Harsa (guitar, vocals), and Joko (drums).”

Vacant Days are from Indonesia and this is their debut single. Here is a little description from the Bandcamp page:

“The single “All in All” tells the story of a person’s perspective on his subconscious that he encounters when he’s dreaming. He drifts off and falls asleep with his dreams, then wakes up to reality in his routine. Finally, he chose to go back to sleep with his dream.”

Dreamy shoegaze with really catchy guitars. I am so happy I could come across this band because the Indonesian scene is another scene I know nothing about but would love to discover more. I am always lost on how to approach this without spending hours and hours digging music on Bandcamp. I think I might get to it at some point because I want to learn more about bands coming from Asia or even Oceania. The music from there is very interesting and the world should know about it. Either way, I enjoyed this single very much and I am looking forward to what next this band will make.

You can support the band on Bandcamp.