Single: suliian – older

I have written about suliian’s previous album and I pretty much enjoyed it. I am excited to share another great song from this Swiss artist. Here are some words about the new song:

“This is a quiet and somber song about nostalgia, getting older and feeling left out. The instrumentation builds over its runtime and the production is incredibly intimate. It’s sung in a whisper-y and close to heart way. While the acoustic guitars in the background keep you grounded, the superhuman and other worldly synth passages, some of the vocal effects and ambient bits take you to a different place. All in all this is a wonderfully DIY bedroom song, recorded with the utmost intimacy.”

Somehow it is so beautiful and I am enjoying the atmosphere it creates with the vocals and the acoustic guitar in the background. I am getting lost in the melody (in a positive way) and I can let my mind wander around. After a harder work week listening to such music on Friday feels like a great choice. Some Fridays I like upbeat music, but this rainy day needs some great lo-fi bedroom pop and I am glad that suliian is providing exactly that. Such a great track.

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