Single: Suck Face – Just the Other Day

This song is about the healing process. Verse 1 illustrates a darker, more cynical mindset, while verse 2 offers a sense of hope. Overall, it’s a spur of the moment lyrical approach– casually riffing on ideas that make me upset and/or happy.

I have been listening to this song on repeat this evening. Somehow the melody got me hooked so much that I have to repeat it over and over. I am loving the guitar riffs and the weird sounds in the middle part. I am loving the energy coming from the song. Even the lyrics got me:

Just the other day
I sat in the danish chair.
I’m reminded I can be alone—
It ain’t so bad, it’s not that bad.
Life is a board game…
You should know that hate those.
Confidence is a challenge—
And I’m not opposed, not opposed.

I am just fully hooked and cannot get enough of the song. I cannot explain it well, but magically it works for me. Just start the track and not get obsessed with it.

I am looking forward to hearing more music from this artist.

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