Single: Slowdown Star – Without

The growing pains of change make us see things differently. One of the hardest realizations is to see that you were right about someone all along, when you didn’t want to believe it was true. This is just my way of getting that out.

I am always love to share debut singles or albums and this the case. Slowdown Star is a new project from this lovely guy and here is a little story I took from his Instagram.

“I honestly haven’t been this excited about putting my own music out in years. The whole idea of Slowdown Star is that this is my own journey completely alone to find my voice again, and figure out what I care about in life. And hopefully, you all can take something good out of the music and find some of your own meaning. Something that makes you want to move forward and just be excited about what’s next, what tomorrow has.”

I am really enjoying this lo-fi dreamy rock with catchy guitars and melody. I am excited about what this artist will bring next, but this is a really solid start and I quite enjoyed this part of e lyrics:

Do you remember the color
The sky reflected in my eyes
I had a dream about you
But it’s not the same without

If you want to start following this artist, you can do it on Spotify.