Single: Shuttle – One More Job

“Shuttle’s ‘One More Job’ is an evocative indie pop journey. With its rich bass line and organic drum beats blending seamlessly with entrancing synth layers and nostalgia-infused guitars, Shuttle’s unique vocal nuances immerses us in the all-too-relatable sensation of constantly chasing the elusive ‘next thing’ before we can truly embrace our happiness, like having “one more job” to do. For fans of Steve Lacy, Tame Impala.”

To be true, I am not a huge fan of Tame Impala, but this new single from the Swiss/based artist is definitely something worth checking out and it got me hooked. A little bit of summer, a catchy melody, nice grooves, and poppy vibes that I am quite enjoying this time. Really nicely crafted song that will definitely find its own audience and people will love it. I am enjoying it pretty much.

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