Single: Scoobert Doobert – watercolor sky

“Scoobert Doobert continues his annual album cycle with an ode to our vibrant horizon in the single “watercolor sky.” Its lush chorus is a mellow stroll through a calm sonic meadow. The producer-artist will be complimenting his personal output with an expanding collection of collaborators in his upcoming queue. Next month look out for his track with Limón Limón, and if you’re ever browsing the racks of an iconic 90’s clothing retail store you might just hear one of his recent releases piping through the speakers. His podcast Love Music More is also picking up steam, recently featuring influential music-making guests like songwriter Alex Delicata, mixing engineer and Rick Rubin right hand man Phillip Broussard Jr. and Maya Hawke producer Benjamin Lazar Davis along with upcoming guests like longtime Weird Al drummer Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz.”

We have previously shared singles from the talented artist Scoobert Doobert, but I must say, his most recent release has left me particularly impressed. The dreamy and mellow melody of this track creates an enchanting atmosphere that evokes a range of emotions. The artist’s decision to adopt a slower and less upbeat style has made this song all the more captivating. I found the experience of listening to this single to be truly enjoyable and engaging.

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