Single: leoblu – dirty windows

“Emerging from the depths of darkness and despair, acclaimed dark-pop artist leoblu unveils a mesmerizing new single, “dirty windows”, set to captivate listeners with its ethereal sound and poignant message. This introspective track is destined to resonate with those who have battled the shadows of depression and found their way back into the light.

leoblu, whose real name is Julia Carlsson, draws inspiration from her personal journey in crafting “dirty windows”. The single narrates the sensation of breaking free from the grips of depression, symbolized by the neglected, dirty windows that she gazes upon. It’s a narrative that delves deep into the emotional complexities of recovery and renewal.

“The song ‘dirty windows’ came to me while I was sitting on my living room floor, staring at my windows. I’d been planning to clean them for a year, but due to a heavy bout of depression, I simply hadn’t been able to do it. But for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was finally starting to regain some strength, to hopefully be able to tackle it, soon,” Julia reveals.

This seemingly mundane task becomes a powerful metaphor in the hands of leoblu. The dirty windows and the broken lamp she sings about represent the broader challenges of life. “Finally finding meaning again in the small, seemingly insignificant details of daily life,” she reflects. The song encourages self-compassion and patience in the face of personal struggles.

leoblu’s distinctive sound on “dirty windows” is a blend of dark-pop elements, featuring her hauntingly expressive vocals and intricate harmonies, sculpted into unique instruments through a range of filters and effects. This sonic landscape mirrors the complexity of her emotions, making it an enchanting musical experience.

To complement the release, leoblu has collaborated with her brother, Jonathan Carlsson, on a music video filmed in the Åland forests. The video showcases the raw beauty of nature as a backdrop to the song’s emotional core.

“dirty windows” is a testament to leoblu’s artistic evolution and her commitment to exploring the depths of human emotion through her music. With its mesmerizing soundscape and resonant message, the single promises to be a beacon of hope for those who have faced their own battles with depression.”

Thanks to this song, I have googled Aland Island and explored it (at least virtually) a little bit more. Even though Julia is now based in Berlin, I can still feel the Scandinavian vibe in the song. Catchy, dreamy indie rock is something I have heard from Scandinavia a few times already and I am really enjoying it. This newest single is no exception and it is quite refreshing. The press release is well-written and pulls you into the single a little bit more.

I am sharing the video, so you can watch it too:

This single is meeting my wish to share more great indie music made in Europe and leoblu is definitely artist we should all follow.

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