Single: Duel Ferns – Softer Silence

The Brooklyn five-piece finally release their debut single, ‘Softer Silence’. It marks their first studio recorded release, and first release since their debut live album with Live 2022. Those who are familiar with the band, having previously listened to their live record, or simply come across them playing one of their many gigs across NYC or up on a Brooklyn rooftop, will not be disappointed by Duel Ferns’ debut single. ‘Softer Silence’ deftly marries the energy synthesised by the frenetic live performance of the band, with the intricate details possible with a studio recording; the listener is able to really get their teeth into the distorted fuzz of guitars and the flat slam of drums. 

Duel Ferns is a band to get excited about. What other contemporary band fuses the lyrical stylings of Kim Gordon; the ear splitting volumes of My Bloody Valentine; or the incorporation of classical instrumentation like The Verve? This Brooklyn band does all of these things, all whilst sounding utterly individual. If ‘Softer Silence’ is merely a peak into what they are capable of, then I cannot express the excitement felt for what is to come of this band in the future.

Written by Callum Folds