Single: Daydream Daze – In For It Now

Blending indie pop/rock with electronic elements and dreamy guitar melodies, Daydream Daze started as a music project in October 2023 by Honza Skřivánek. In 2022 I started my music career on Spotify under the name Honz. After a very emotional year, finding more about myself and learning a lot about songwriting, I finally made Daydream Daze, a pure look into my mind and love of indie songs. So stick around 🙂 

In For It Now is a great indie bedroom bop. The powerful vocal mixed with the groovy bass and supported by the beautiful guitar melodies immerse the listener in the pure vibe you’d find with bands such as Her’s throughout the whole song up until the very end.

It’s not often that I come across some good music from Czechia, but when I do, it’s always a special moment. Recently, I stumbled upon a new indie bedroom pop track that has caught my attention. This track is perfect for a chill weekend afternoon or a workday evening when you just want to switch off, relax, and let some laid-back, chill tunes wash over you. The single showcases a lot of talent from the Czech artist behind it, and I’m excited to explore more of their music in the future.

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