Single: brookelen – Numb

“My third single, ‘Numb’ was written to acknowledge the dissociation I experienced towards the end of an intense and hurtful relationship. While numbing ourselves can momentarily protect from emotional pain, it doesn’t dissolve the hurt. This song is a brutally honest exploration of why we numb ourselves through vices and concludes that maybe there is a way to heal and grow.”

I was thinking about creating an account number, where I would keep track of how many different artists I have shared on my blog. Just on Submithub, we have received over 25 000 submissions (shared over 2500). But I think I have never felt like I can listen to new music and I am always happy to share with you more and more music. Listening to new music is a great how to relax. I have been really enjoying indie pop/rock these weeks and I am always happy to add them to our playlists. So you have another artist you can now follow and I have another track I can listen to and enjoy.

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