Single: Alex Sanders – bitter love

“Hi! I am pitching “bitter love”, which will be set as track #4 on my second album. Its catchy melodic structure paired with heavy bass and hypnotizing drums makes for a song listeners are sure to remember. I hope you enjoy the song, thanks for listening!”

A message I received from Alex. I have written about Alex’s music just recently and I really enjoyed it. I am so happy I am building relationships with artists and they are sending music more frequently. I love Submithub because of that, even though people hate it, I still find it the most valuable platform for a blogger. I have found there most of the artists I have worked with in the past few years. There is always a positive side to everything, even though sometimes we have trouble finding it.

This sweet folky lo-fi bedroom rock track has a beautiful dreamy atmosphere. You can close your eyes and get yourself to flow with the melody. It is so mesmerizing. Alex’s voice is so hypnotizing and I love that aspect. I am really excited to listen to the full album that will be released probably later this year. In the meantime check Alex’s discography on Spotify.