Introducing: Still Submarine – Warmer Shades of You & 3 Qs

“indie pop/tweegaze duo based in New York.”

I love the combination of shoegaze and twee, such a great name for the genre – tweegaze.

This new EP is a playful collection of twee indie pop songs with a little bit of noise and shoegaze vibes. I enjoyed listening to this album and I am so happy it came my way. It has a beautiful dreamy, sometimes jangly vibe and I just love the atmosphere these songs create. The overall sound of this EP is just amazing.

I will be revisiting these 5 songs again because they are so good. Something that fits my ears so well.

This year has been full of great music and I am so excited to bring you so many great albums/EPs.

Listen to this one and let me know if you are enjoying it as much as I do.

I have reached out to the band and asked them our 3 Qs. I got answers from both members of the band, Marcus and Xuan. I am so excited that finally, members of the band are answering for themselves. Amazing guys!

Here are the answers:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

Both of us have immersed ourselves in music since we were teenagers, when we began to play instruments and listen to a wide variety of genres. A few factors led us to fully commit to writing songs and recording them. First, we had a realization that neither of us had previously made a full-hearted effort to establish a musical project, and time was not going to start moving any more slowly. In a more positive sense, friends, acquaintances, and the musicians we admired not only inspired us with their music, but they were also concrete examples of people making music we loved in a fashion that was accessible and plausible. The first steps were difficult, but our passion for playing instruments, writing songs, and being part of an underground circle of musicians and fans keeps us enthusiastic and invested in making music.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

Marcus: Writing and finalizing the music and lyrics to the first few songs we made were especially challenging because I have the tendency of allowing “perfection” to be the enemy of “good.” Collaborating with a songwriting partner offering sound judgment, having similar influences, and making their own significant musical contributions mitigated many of the misgivings I had.

Xuan: Yes, we always strive to improve and refine our work, we went through numerous takes for many of our songs. We’ve only been making music together for a year, our first EP was just recently released, and given that our production is quite DIY, we recorded everything at home. I often worry that my non-professional recording might affect the overall quality of the songs.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

Marcus: If anything was possible I would continue making music for the same audience, but involve additional like-minded musicians, and incorporate a wider array of sounds and recording techniques. In a more vulgar sense, having free rein in a large studio outfitted with plenty of equipment, along with adequate amounts of time sounds like a dream. If any resulting songs made listeners love music more, or if any other musicians I admire felt inspired by my artistic output, then the sense of accomplishment I would feel is something impossible to quantify and hard to express. Like many other artists, what I do and what I aim for comes from my love of music. It may be “just” indie pop, but the genre and musicians playing it have shaped my life in a myriad of ways, and I’m certain I’m not the only one.

Xuan: I dream of opening for my favorite bands, many of whom have broken up or are no longer active. Performing alongside them would be an incredible experience. Additionally, collaborating on music with my favorite musicians or having them join our band would be the most wonderful thing imaginable haha.

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