Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Stevie Zita, Pretty Distorted, myie, Nick & June, Virens, girlhouse

Stevie Zita – Onyx Eyes

If you follow our blog for a while now, you know we have shared many Stevie Zita’s singles. Another great chill track for your Friday evening from this Canadian artist. His songs have a unique atmosphere which is remarkably accompanied by Stevie’s vocals. I can imagine walking into a bar and hearing this song from speakers and just feeling great. Or maybe it is my waiting for this work week to end and to enjoy rest on Friday evening. You can find more music on Spotify.

Pretty Distorted – Flowers On My Grave

Another Canadian, this time a Montreal-based artist making bedroom lo-fi pop. This pumped-up track with fast-paced beats, beachy guitars, a heavy bass line, and dreamy vocals. A nice combination that works well together to create a catchy tune. Not much to learn more about the artist, but you can try and dig out more music from them. You can find more music on Spotify.

myie – Symptoms May Include

My promise to bring you more indie/alt-pop is still valid and here is another nice addition from Sweden. “Symptoms may Include” is taken from Swedish alt pop singer/songwriter artists Myie´s debut album “Feel Real” (Out on Bolero Recordings March 24, 2023). myie (Miriam Ingrid) is a young alternative-pop musician from Uppsala, Sweden.” Melow, a slow poppy track that can catch you easily either by the melody or beautiful vocals. A nice addition to our indie playlist. You can find more music on Spotify.

Nick & June – Hugh Grant & His Consequence

“In our time don’t we sometimes want to shout “die, future, die”? Is David Foster Wallace actually juvenile literature? Between coming-of-age atmosphere of departure and melancholy reflection, with “Hugh Grant & His Consequence” Nick & June write a letter to the former version of themselves. No “everything used to be better”, but “now it’s still shit”. A hymn to the eternal return of melancholy. It might remind you of Pavement’s lofi heartbreak, of Sufjan Stevens when he embraced entire states with big melodic arches, or of indie darlings Stars and their Baroque Pop. Hugh Grant likes that. And once again he walks through the seasons.” An excerpt from a press release, so you can learn about the thought processes behind this song. Another great indie pop track from this German artist that is worth sharing with you. You can find more music on Spotify.

Virens – Stitch Me Back Up

“Stitch Me Back Up’ is the second single to come from Virens’ upcoming EP “Couples Therapy”. The track is an audibly soothing but lyrically dark two and half minute wonder with a cinematic, tormented middle eight that convulses through the listener.” This recommendation post is full of great indie pop tracks and this one is from the London-based duo Virens. A powerful track that from a slower start builds up gradually to get you fully amazed. I am so happy that my decision to broaden my indie horizons is bringing me gems like these. You can find more music on Spotify.

girlhouse – you don’t think about me

Wrapping up this set with another powerful indie-pop track from this Los Angeles-based artist. The new track is coming from the new EP which should be out on May 5. This is what she said about the song:
“Inspired by social anxiety and my hyper fixation on understanding and putting meaning to everything! I go down rabbit holes in my head trying to fix everything I’ve ever done wrong or stupid things I’ve said, to the point where it almost feels egotistic. It drives me nuts and it’s a constant battle for me. In this song I’m talking about a falling out I had with someone that I couldn’t figure out why they do or say the things that they do. I had to stop myself because, “there is no way this person is putting as much energy into figuring this out as I am right now!!” And I dropped it. I’m getting better at learning when to walk away and that’s been a hard journey for me.” What a great way to start your after-work Friday with this great soundtrack. You can find more music on Spotify.