Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Kiddos, Bark Dog, vireo, Vladimir Chicken and Knuckle Pups

Kiddos – Alone

Alone is the debut single of the new Portuguese indie rock band Kiddos. Melancholic indie rock, that’s how would I call it. I am pretty excited about what more this band will bring in the future. I would love to see more bands like this coming out of Europe in general. Definitely, this one is worth following.

Bark Dog – if i could drive

We have shared bark dog’s songs before and we are sharing one again. I am somehow enjoying this lo-fi gentle bedroom rock song. Also, the piano in the middle of the track is so beautiful, that it caught me right away. Another melancholic track that is just beautiful. Definitely check more music from them.

vireo – Coyote

I never was a huge fan of fast guitar finger-picking, but it works so well in this song. Also, the energy of the song is powerful. I cannot even write these words without waving myself in my chair. A little bit in contrast to previous tracks but it makes our life colorful. Vireo is from Pittsburgh, PA, and is worth checking out more.

Vladimir Chicken – Do You Feel Like an Abandoned Building?

Vladimir Chicken has been part of Z Tapes compilations before, so this artist is not unknown to me. Still in the beginnings of his musical path, but I am happy to see that he is progressing and still making new music. Maybe it is not for everyone, but hey, we all need to broaden our horizons. You can do it here.

Knuckle Pups – Standing At All

Borrowed words from Bands submissions:

“Five-piece Denver band: Knuckle Pups, brings a DIY ethic to melodic indie-punk songs.” This single is full of energy and yet so gentle. I am very much enjoying it. If you want to gid deeper, check out their newest album.