EP: Stillblue – Flora

Stillblue is a five-piece band emulsifying indie-rock, folk, and alt-country with lyrics meditating on love, loss, and getting older in the perspiring humidity of Miami, Florida.

Funny thing, I never imagined this band coming from Florida when I listened to these songs, but I am glad. This blog (I, personally) always had a special love for music coming from there. These songs are beautiful mixtures of guitars, gentle melodies, and folky/country vibes. Something more gentle for my ears that is preparing me well for these hot sleepless nights. I need to cool down, ease my mind, and just feel immersed in something that is bringing me joy, and listening to this EP brings me a lot of music job. Try to shut everything down around you, especially those evil apps (social media), and just listen. I will try to relisten to this EP couple of times, to fully immerse into the atmosphere. I just hope you will enjoy it as much as I.

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