Album: Symbol Soup – Cattle Grid

Symbol Soup is the moniker under which Michael Rea creates music which combines DIY rock with country, folk and glitchy electronics. Lyrically, songs lapse between conversational and surreal.

When you listen to this album you can find there a lot of musical influences. One of the most hearable ones is Alex G. This music is like Alex G on folk steroids.

Here is a snippet from press bio that introduces the sound better:

Upcoming album Cattle Grid offers a funner, more playful take on the sound of previous releases. The homespun recordings are filled out with singing saw, accordion, field recordings and lap steel. Lyrically, songs lapse between conversational and surreal, exploring intimacy, disillusionment, mental health. It is also the first release to feature collaborators, with Pete Martin contributing trumpet, and vocals from Christy Thynne.

Definitely recommend you to listen to the full album. You will not regret it. I am kind of bummed the tapes are no longer available, I would love to own it for sure. This is exactly the type of release I would not really mind having on Z Tapes. I should have started 3 more cassette labels to accommodate all music I want to release. But we all have just one life and I am glad I could at least give this space on our blog. One of the best albums I have recently discovered.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.