Album: Surcarilita – M​í​rala Mirando

‘mírala mirando’ is the second album from Tijuana’s Surcarilita, a project that consists of principal member Daniela Sandoval and collaborator Ana Cossio. It’s awash with a special kind of nervous energy that runs through its urgent, fuzzy, lo-fi gems. This is music that sounds like it was spawned in cosy basements and is itching to find a way out into the world. 

From the onset, off-kilter guitar lines weave in and out of vocal parts that seem to become increasingly queasy as their melodies dance through the tracks. It’s accompanied by fairground ride keyboard textures that fill out the production tastefully.

‘Soon’ is a highlight that is semi—anthemic in the most subtle of ways, with riffs that delightfully chime alongside and then sail above Sandoval’s voice. This song, in particular, reminds me of early Rainer Maria. It’s painted with delightful shades of the midwest in the 90s with the result fed through a weary cassette player.

As the album progresses, the atmosphere morphs and becomes more plaintive and resigned. Rather than being an anti-climax, it is a stylistic and pleasing fade that lulls and soothes. 

On the whole, Surcarilita’s second record is one that should be treated as a faithful companion, the potential backdrop to melancholic late summer nights and hard-to-place longing.

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Written by Chris Marks
Chris has a solo project called Lake Michigan and is in band Permanent Vacation