Album: Mija Milovic – Still life

“Textures and sounds spanning from the virtues of 90’s grunge/alt-rock to renaissance-like melodies bound together with the opposite pop-music structures sliced with contemporary collage techniques. A sentence almost as strange as the music, yet ever so familiar, like a band dreaming of each other. 

On Mija Milovic’ second solo album “Still Life”, there is easily no conform to the constraints of simple boxes, instead, it focuses on emoting with intonation, stress, rhythm and pace. It’s about tender and aggressive transformations. Figuring out who you are and how to be in the world.
Locating magic in the mundane, being swept away by the energy of fellow humans. Holding space for each other in a community. Feeling estranged in the urban landscape. Learning to let go. and more.

Mija Milovic is a Danish/Montenegrin musician, composer and producer based in Copenhagen. She has a background in theatre, performance, alternative notation and improvisational music creation. With several releases under her own name, she is also a member of the rock band SLIM0.”

This is the description you can find on Bandcamp. I discovered this album on my friend Adam’s substack and his regular features about music from Eastern and Central Europe. I have really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you as well. This avant-garde grunge / indie rock is quite unique and brings such a nice fresh air to the sounds I am hearing everywhere. I always like collages in music and the blending of genres, which works perfectly in this record. The album shows the craftsmanship of Mija and I am loving the various little melodies and nuances you can find in these songs. I recommend you start the album from the first track and enjoy the album in full. It is just beautiful.

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