Album: Jonathan Crean- Wander Back In

Usually when bands send me a single from the album to share I prefer to share the whole album. It makes more sense to listen to music as complete. This EP is full of great guitars and captivating vocals. So happy to finally share something from Ireland. I feel there is a great music scene in Ireland, but it is still undiscovered for me. I hope it will change in the near future.

Also, I feel like this album deserves a physical release. Maybe some UK based label could do it. 🙂

If you want to read more about the band, here is a short bio:

Based out of Cork, Irish multi-instrumentalist and recording artist Jonathan Crean weaves nostalgic dream-scapes through a fusion of low-slung electric guitar riffs, retired synth textures, and incandescent visions of life in the digital age.

Born in the West of Ireland and with music very much in the blood, Crean was immersed in music from a young age; taking rides in his father’s gigging van and sitting-in on practice sessions that took place in his grandmother’s living room. In his teen years and early 20s he honed his craft through homegrown ventures from acoustic folk to experimental noise.

He took an indefinite hiatus from releasing and performing for a number of years. He enrolled in a sound engineering course in 2017 and subsequently worked on sessions in the likes of Hellfire Studios in the Wicklow mountains. Crean speaks of this period as instrumental in expanding his knowledge of sound and deepening his love for what he calls the “honest craft” of recording.

It was around this time he began penning new material and what would become his debut EP. The recording sessions of this period were scattered as he moved around; recording and often rerecording parts, and using equipment borrowed from friends and family.

You can support the artist on Bandcamp.