Album: Eternally Cowboy – Heaven

Dreamy, folky (sometimes alt-country) slacker slowcore.

A while back, I wrote about the talented music group Eternally Cowboy and shared their EP from 2021. Recently, they have returned with a new album that is once again worthy of your attention. The album features slow-paced melodies, folky vibes, and an overall enjoyable atmosphere that will easily connect with you. Imagine yourself sitting on the porch of your countryside house, basking in the warm sunlight and the fresh scent of pine trees. The sound of a cassette tape from your boombox fills the air, and this album is playing. Perhaps you envision a different setting when listening to this album, but regardless, I hope you are enjoying it. I strongly suggest that you listen to this album from start to finish, taking the time to appreciate every song. I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

I reached out to Eric from the band and asked our 3 Qs:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

I personally have been writing songs since I was 12. Alex the singer I think has been writing songs since around the same time.

I was personally inspired by NIN/Trent Reznor to compose full songs by myself and my style has just morphed over time. Alex was originally inspired by Cursive, Mazzy Star, Broadcast originally.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

The most challenging thing about music is just getting the word out about our stuff/Marketing and feeling like you’re making an impact with people. so please share!

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

I think our dream would be to continue what we’re doing now but just at a higher caliber. Such as going on a large tour either opening for a bigger artist or even headlining. It would also be cool to get placed in a movie or Netflix/streaming platform show

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