Week 53: 9 songs for 9 to 5 jobs (double edition)

Start Track Weekly Recommendations


Sandy Hawkins – Daddy Didn’t Want Me To Sing



Mitchell Mclaughlin – Drowning in the Deep End


Indigo Waves – Shaky Hands



Steven Mackoul – dirty tissues


Subterfuge – The Good Good



Did You Die – Weightless



Memorial – In The Arms Of December



Melanie Maclaren – Pushing Daisies



Geez Louise – Out, Out!


Sean Whitman – Dating Around



Occult X – Lost n_u



Gone Sugar Die – I Won’t Die For You



Outlaw Boogie – Eyes Wired Shut



Bridge Dog – Gone South



Fjord Mustang – Health Class



Wwithout – Driving Under the Influence of Thelema