Week 35: 9 songs for 9 to 5 jobs (double edition)

Start Track Weekly Recommendations


Billy Bonbon – Cerise



Jordan Belding – u taste like sugar



The Soods – Lost By One



boywithahalo – summer we never had



Lore City – I Am the One



sketchface x femmebug – what do you think our ghosts make of us?



The Uptights – Quit Jazz



Neverly Sister(s) – Let Me



(printer friendly) – Some kind of lie



VVARD – Touch You



Endearments – Anica



Sentir – Watching Over Me / Earth




Mary Milne – Don’t Smoke The Bees



Ayane Yamazaki – Phase



Siamese Twin – my ufo (outro for a wong kar-wai movie)



Pale Moon – Parachutes



Ghost Fan Club – Crutch