Week 34: 9 songs for 9 to 5 jobs (double edition)

Start Track Weekly Recommendations


Violent Dreams – Hold On



Gushh – Drifting Through the Emptiness of Space


Baby Combat – Tammy



Luke Brannen – Mortem



Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass)



Talking Violet – Delusional



tombstone poetry – passenger



Lola Scott – Jogging Shoes


Nightshifts – Rest



Loco Tranquilo – Dimension Love



Ernan en VHS – Analogica



Silver Firs – Versions of You



Caslean – Adulterated Moonlight



Porkboii, Calicoloco – Spoken Word



Kaela – Make That Face



Hause Plants – Melissa Smith (I Used To Make Out With)



mallbangs – forget me nots