Week 31: 9 songs for 9 to 5 jobs (double edition)

Start Track Weekly Recommendations


Claire days – Austria



Nebno – Eyote



Surf Party, USA – Solar Surfer



Sofi Gev – Horrors in the Dark



vhs ghost – Sick



Zero Percent APR – Moon Silver



Giant Cats! – Knock On Koffins



Good Morning TV – Entertainment



Charlyne Yi and Lem Jay – Stroll



Dreams on Tape – Nostalgia



No Suits in Miami – Buffy



Emily McMichael – I’M HAPPY NOW (debut album)



Triangle Rain Club – Tonight’s the Night



Edward Phillips – Precious Few


Bird Feet – Flower


Ivy Hill – The Life And Times Based Around The Even Horizon Appearing Near Severny, Muntiparlas


Sauna Senere – Mudder



switchbitch – Salem Witches (prod. Moshi Moshi Defect!)