Track Premiere: Deirdre – Make It Go Away

Copenhagen-based musician Joakim Johnsen aka Deirdre has released the second single ‘Make It Go Away’ lifted from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP ‘Deirdre’, which is scheduled to come out on September 18 through the new Danish micro-label Secret Sauce Records.

Drawing influence from pieces of indie rock and slowcore, the song denotes an ache lying in wait through the surface characterized by prominent acoustic guitars, drum clashes and idiosyncratic lyrics all brimmed up by a desolated emotion that drifts off into a serene trance of void. Melancholy and weariness being evident, the track overall is undeniably beautiful.

Read more about the song coming from the artist here:

“’Make it Go Away, is about that feeling of doing things for the pleasure of everyone else, forgetting yourself and your own wishes. And at the same time it’s a call out to a loved one.”  – Joakim Johnsen

You can find more music over over at Secret Sauce Records.