Filip’s Quick Single Picks: 花溪 Flowerstream, Mikey Demilio, Laveda, Black Treacle, Sara Wolff

花溪 Flowerstream – Procrastination Inspiration

花溪 Flowerstream are a Chinese/Pākehā/Māori duo from Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. Maxwell plays drums for their live performances, and is a multi-instrumentalist in the studio. Huiming, originally from China, plays bass, guitar, guzheng, and provides lead vocals.” I usually open our recommendations with more upbeat songs, but I chose a dreamy experimental pop this time. The song was a product of a jam session which later evolved into a full song played at live events. It has such a nice atmosphere and can help me rest my mind. I need it these weeks very much, don’t you? You can follow the artist on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Mikey Demilio – Paris Lockin

“New Jersey songwriter living in Nashville, Tennessee.” I am not sure what is making so into this song, but the simple melody and really interesting color of laid-back vocals is making it more juicy. Somehow it makes the song really catchy. It is chill dreamy lo-fi rock and I am really enjoying such tunes these days. Maybe you will get into it as well. You can find more music on Spotify.

Laveda – A Place You Grew Up In

“A Place You Grew Up In” perfectly captures Laveda’s knack for nostalgic dream-pop storytelling with a dark, unsettling edge. Fusing vocalist Ali Genevich’s impassioned and intangible vocals with grunge ‘90s driving guitars and shimmering synths that seem to hover just out of reach, the album’s title track was born out of the struggle that comes with resenting a place, yet feeling like you can never truly leave.” I have heard so many times about Laveda from different sources and I already shared their music. This shoegaze indie rock single is really great and full of energy. I have been enjoying the accompanied video as well and I bet you will too. You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Black Treacle – Exit Sign

Black Treacle is from Victoria, British Columbia. Once again a song that was recorded on an 8-track tape and I can hear its touch. This slowcore lo-fi rock with acoustic guitar has a simple melody, but somehow it makes me connect with me much more. It feels more personal to me. Once again a band from Canada is making music that feels for me more unique than other similar artists. Somehow I am always feeling more connected to music made in this beautiful country and I am always happy to share it with you. You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Sara Wolff – Homesick

Exploring unconventional love, ‘Homesick’ is the second single to be released from Sara Wolff’s forthcoming new EP ‘Magic Hour’ (Small Matter Records). Emerging from what she calls, “a year of sound” and a well overdue trip back to her childhood home of Bergen, it marks an expansion in the Liverpool-based avant-garde artist’s home-spun universe and explores how just when you have everything sussed, life will throw you a curveball.” I have been re-listening to this indie folk track to fully be immersed in it and each listen has pointed me to some different aspects of the song. You can find different layers, different sounds, and those little things that make songs unique and special. It is quite a remarkable song and I am looking forward to hearing the full EP when it will be out (May 28). You can find more music on Spotify.

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