[18/11/16] The Music & Art of Magnus A.H. Myrtveit

Way back around 2010 I used to go on this internet forum every single day before and after school called 8 Bit Collective (or, 8bc). The website eventually went down due to the owner not being able to pay for the server (he was a really shady guy in general) and most people moved on from there to hone in on this sound that they had been limiting themselves to for years. I met some really cool people on there who I would talk to on the official IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server daily, and we would talk about music production, synthesizers, and life in general. One of the musicians whose style I was obsessed with (this odd glitchy lo-fi Casio SK-1 sound) was this musician from Norway called Jesus Seashell. He ran this really cool stylized net-label called Seppuku+ which had a few of my friends on their compilations. It had this very homemade feel to it all as if it was made by someone so passionate about music existing as an art along with an image / aesthetic. This feeling of “I’m unstable but I know what I’m doing”.

I started really paying attention to the music Magnus would make once he released the album ‘Disinterest’ on his bandcamp. This was the first album I ever spent digital money on because I knew it would go towards something to make him feel better. The Soviet Cosmonaut Song was the song that really stood out to me. This weird mesh of the same drum machine sounds I was using at the time with these weird vocal effects and guitar that sounded like it was recorded through a laptop microphone. I didn’t want to sing ever because puberty was a bitch to my voice, so I started making similar instrumentals to this album, without actual drums and nowhere near the same eerie feeling you get listening to his music.

We became friends through Soundcloud etc and we would each message each other about doing a collaboration or a split because he was such a huge inspiration to my music but we were never in the same mindset and the idea would always just fade away. He became more active on his youtube channel, creating these amazing videos of him climbing up into mountain ranges and forests with this insane drone music he would make playing in the background.

Magnus has one of the most varied and interesting discographies out of anybody I’ve ever known. All his music is different yet it all somehow feels the same. The same aforementioned feeling of professional unrest. He’s made some of my favorite music from all the exact same genres of music I love and appreciate. I urge you all to check out his music and videos!

Written by Henry Thompson

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