[13/12/16] Submissions Vol. 1

Going to try make this a regular segment after receiving many emails full of great submissions for the blog. I’ve selected some of my favorites to write about.

Saxsyndrum – Up To You 

This was one of the more recent submissions I received. Don’t even need to define the genre, as you can tell just by looking at the artist name + song length. I really like the production on this since everything is so heavily compressed, something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stray away from in my own music. The emo / post-rock vocals over top of this strange hypnotic synth, sax, and drum-based instrumental are really interesting. I love the gaps of silence in the song as it really makes me remember that I’m listening to music and not just having some music play in the background in another tab. You can check the single out on Bandcamp and order a copy of the 7″, featuring a dub version of the track as a B-side.


Lawn – Big Sprout

This EP is so good! The production on each track is so clear and listenable. Was sent this release by the bassist Ruy, who is also the bassist for the band IZE that I had previously listened to before on the Z Tapes Bandcamp. Excited to hear an album from this band, as they work together so well. It seems everyone in the band is on the same page.


Free Space – Ahead of Myself

This album was sent to me by the Tennesee band Free Space. This somewhat concise release switches between two vocalists with a heavy use of guitar hiss (“silence” as you might like to call it) between phrases which creates tension. I’m not familiar with that many artists from TN, only Soccer Mommy and Ever, but this release keeps me wanting more from the community there if there is one. This is another great band from the area to add to my library.


Written by Henry Thompson




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